Thursday, July 31, 2008

Farmers' Market Goodies

We have been visiting the local farmers' market to buy some fresh, local produce. The girls and I have talked about why buying local is best....and who can resist farm fresh goodies anyway???

On one trip, Olivia found an interesting leaf and wanted to bring it home and find out what it was.

love my curious girls!!!!!

We also received some fresh green beans from the girls' grandmother. They got to practice using a knife to help get them ready.

Georgia is always reading whatever she finds, including food labels. While eating cereal she found something strange. On the soy milk carton she noticed that the fat grams didn't add up to what the total fat count was.

Adding with decimals in her head....I love it!

Reading Group

Georgia and Olivia both had their reading groups at the library. This summer's theme is bugs!

Olivia's group read a pop-up book about bugs, and one about an ant. They sang songs, danced, and made a craft. She picked out a kangaroo with a joey toy as a prize for reading.

Georgia said her group read some books about Fly Guy. They also played musical chairs, made a craft, and had a snack. As a prize for reading Georgia received a spy kit. We had fun trying on the moustache disguises!!
who are those people????

Beads and Pirates....Aaargh!

The girls decided to make some bead jewelry yesterday.

Today they are pirates! It started with reading a book about pirates. Olivia got the idea to make a map of the house and hide some treasure. I helped her make a map of the house and she marked where she hid treasure with a red X.
Georgia got in on the fun and made a map, too.
But we couldn't stop there. We made some eye patches with black felt and yarn. Then we made some swords with cardboard and tin foil.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beach Sunrise

Pierce Island, Portsmouth, NH

Workin' at the Car Wash....

You're Next!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brooke's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to a park in Eliot, Maine for Brooke's birthday party.

Brooke's Daddy, Uncle Steve

Linda picking her nose for Mom's camera....we are a classy bunch.

Aunt Linda and Brooke

Aunt Lee-Anne and an overly-tired Wyatt.

The view from the picnic table, with Linda, Georgia, and Lee-Anne.

Olivia trying to pour water on Grampa Trueman...

Grampa Trueman and Garrett playing ball...

Photographers getting each other....

Olivia didn't want her picture taken with Grampa T.

Brooke playing with her gift from Georgia...

and looking at her gift from Olivia....

After food, presents, cake, and playing, we went down to the beach behind the park.

The kids always have fun teasing Grampa Trueman...he gives it right back!! Georgia and Garrett soaked him good!

Birthday Girl Brooke taking a stroll on the beach...

The girls took a walk down the beach to look for crabs to show Brooke.

They said they can find them hiding under rocks.

They found one live one before we had to leave.

The girls and I had a lot of fun....and time just flew by!

So didn't our time in Maine. We have one week left before we leave!

Sleepover at Aunt Lee-Anne's

The girls and I spent the night at my sister Lee-Anne's house.
Georgia, Olivia, and Garrett had fun playing outside.

Later we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows to make S'mores.