Thursday, October 30, 2008

Archaeology Activity

Georgia decorated a flower pot with markers.

Then she put the pot in an old sock.

And she smashed it with a hammer.

Next she put together the pieces best she could with tape.

And then she tried the smallest pieces.

We talked about how it could be more challenging, and realistic, to have someone else decorate the pot so that she did not know what it was suppose to look like. Also, we talked about taking some pieces away and trying to put it together without the missing pieces. We said it was like puting together a jigsaw puzzle without all the pieces, and without seeing the picture on the box. A neat idea to try sometime....

Horse Racing

The girls watched some horse races at Gramma and Grampa's house last weekend. When they got home they wanted to make some tracks so they could race their horses.

And they're off......

the photo finish...

Georgia named her track the "Golden Arena", and Olivia named her's "The Spirit Herd".

Halloween Fun

Due to a back injury earlier this month, I have been behind on a lot of things. But I am finally getting around to updating our blog!

I put together a slide show of Halloween events the girls attended. The first part of the slide show shows the girls on the Great Pumpkin Hunt. They had to figure out clues to find hidden treats in the woods and places around the Nature Center. The last clue led them to some hidden pumpkins, where they got to choose one to decorate.

Next are some pictures from the Halloween parade downtown. I didn't taken any photos of the parade, but of us waiting for it to start, and of the crowd of trick-or-treaters collecting goodies from the shops.

The last few photos are of the girls trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. This year Georgia chose to be a Native American, a Lakota girl. She made her own costume with an oversized t-shirt and some beads. Her shoes were made with some faux fur material glued on some old sandals. Olivia decided to be a cowgirl again this year. So we had a Western theme going on.

Here's the slide show.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fire Department Open House

The girls attended the fire department's open house and had a lot of fun. They learned fire safety tips, house hazards to watch out for, learned about equipment used to fight a fire, how to use a hose, and much more!

They each recieved a fire chief hat, water bottle, Junior Fire Fighter patch, and activity books about fire safety.

Here's some pictures....

Park Pals Picnic

Saturday, Georgia's nature class had their annual family picnic. Everyone brought a dish to share, and they provided hot dogs for roasting. They played games, and enjoyed a hayride. Here are some pictures...

Cooking Pancakes

Georgia cooked supper for us on Sunday. She made pancakes from scratch. She read the recipe, measured the ingredients, and followed the directions. She also used the stove by herself...I didn't need to do a thing!

And they were yummy!!!!

Thanks Georgia!!

Make Believe Play

This week the girls had fun dressing up and pretending to be different people from history. Georgia was a bowman, or archer.

and a cowgirl sheriff...

Livy was a cowgirl...

And what she called a scout...she has a sword, don't mess with her!